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Thai Yoga Massage
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Thai Massage

Known as Nuad Boran in Thailand, Thai Yoga Massage is a full body treatment helping to balance the energy body (pranamaya kosha), relieve tension in the physical body (anomaya kosha), calm the mental body (manomaya kosha), improve circulation and flexibility, boost the immune system and create greatly needed space for healing.

Thai Yoga Massage encompasses fluid, meditative and rhythmical rocking, palming and acupressure. While being moved through gentle yoga-like postures, the recipient's energy lines ('Sen') and many other layers of the body (Skin, tissue, bone, organs) benefit greatly. It is one of the most profound and effective body works to deeply relax and revitalize the whole mind-body network.

Your Thai Massage practitioner will create a safe and welcoming environment for your experience. Done on a padded area on the floor, the recipient (and practitioner) wears comfortable clothing and focuses solely on the meditative rhythm of their own breath.

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