Totally Techniques Workshop - Installment #2
Sat., Apr. 24 | ZOOM LINK

Totally Techniques Workshop - Installment #2

Step by step teachings of traditional and creative poses, meditation and breathing techniques.
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Time & Location

Apr. 24, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. EDT

About the Event


YOGA!  There's so much to learn and explore but so little time!  

But NOW is the time... so let's explore together.

What burning questions do you have about your pratice one your ygoa mat?

What pose(s) do you struggle with or just want to understand more deeply?

Is there a breathing technique you would like to deep dive into and understnd more fully?

What about learning about props?  The WHY'S and HOW's.

If these are some questions taht resonate with you then you will definitely not want to miss out on the TWSH TOTALLY TECHNIQUES workshops!

Answering any of your questions about poses & pranayama and in further instalments, meditation.

In the FIRST INSTALLMENT of TOTALLY TECHNIQUES WORKSHOP SERIES, we layed some of the groundwork of ALL poses. Working on setting intentions, practicing ahimsa and  connecting to the gift of breath.

BUT DON"T WORRY!  If you didn't make it to the first INSTALMENT... we will recap.  

TOTALLY TECHNIQUES - INSTALLMENT #2, the intention will be to keep exploring the mysteries of yoga asana and pranayama with lots of opportunity for you as the student to inquire, explore, take notes and practice, practice, practice.

Some key things to know:

  • Microphones can be left on to leave space throughout the whole WORKSHOP for Q&A.
  • Cameras can be left on for lots of exploration of movement and breathing and for Tricya to assist all students.
  • The added benefit is the chance to connect to our TWSH community at large.

We also want to know what you want from the following  TT installments so feel free to stick around after for a  quick tea and a chat.

It will be interactive and light-hearted and so much FUN!  

Bring your open mind, curiosity and willingness to explore!

What you will need:

Yoga Blocks

Yoga Belt

Bolster(s) or pillows

Notebook and pen

*Payments are per person, not per camera.

*Please email us if you would prefer to use e-transfer method:

  • Totally Techniques Workshop #2

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