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Tricya has been a yoga practitioner for 3 decades, a teacher since 2011.

She teaches at her online yoga studio and private classes at people's homes

 and places of work.

Her journey began as a dancer and athlete which evolved into learnings of the mechanisms of breath and body, heart and mind. This evolution helped to guide her through career changes, personal struggles, and birthed a strong foundation to root her and her family during military postings to parts of the United States, England and back to her homeland Canada.

She uses integrative yoga techniques (strong posture sequences, fascial release techniques, specific breathing techniques, day-to-day alignment practices etc.) and/or Thai massage to help address the autonomic nervous system (which is deeply affected by stressful experiences), the energy body (stagnation or depletion within) and teaches mindfulness-based practices so that her students can take their learnings off the mat with them.

Having trained in many other areas such as Trauma sensitive yoga, Yoga for Military, Yoga for First Responders, Yoga for Teens, Family & Kids yoga, Yoga nidra and Soma yoga, Tricya now has over 500+hrs of training.

Having connections with armed forces and first responders, Tricya founded The F3 Method. A methodology created to reset your Nervous System (Preventative Tools for Front Line Emergency Members and Military.)    F3 focuses on helping these professionals, whether active or retired, integrate, dilute, and resolve the effects of stress due to their work experiences and be able move forward with an arsenal of tools. In turn building resiliency to navigate their day-to-day life.

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